• CABE Healthy Hospitals
  • CABE Healthy Hospitals
  • CABE Healthy Hospitals
  • CABE Healthy Hospitals

CABE Healthy Hospitals


Concept design ideas commissioned by CABE for their national publicity campaign to raise awareness about the importance and value of good design in hospitals.

Four areas were considered in detail:

Entrance Square: like a town square, the heart and hub of community interaction.

‘No Waiting Room’: using smart technology to remove the need for and stress of the waiting room.

Bedroom: normal, domestic, comfortable and secure- just like home.

Physic Garden: for staff and patients alike- an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Client:
  • Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)
  • Team:
  • Benedetti Architects
  • McDowell+Benedetti (to July 2016)
  • Professor Tim Oliver
  • Space Syntax
  • Terry Jones
  • Nicky Hirst (Artist)
  • Healthgain Ltd
  • John Penton MBE
  • Virtual Artworks
  • Status:
  • Campaign 2004
  • Published:
  • CABE 'Radical Improvements in Hospital Design'
  • Architects’ Journal
  • Building Design
  • Icon
  • Sustain
  • BMA News
  • “The architects’ bold use of technology and outstanding design concepts which push towards establishing a ‘community’ like environment as the main focal point of future hospitals”
  • CABE Public Consultation Process